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The Hidden, Limiting Beliefs That Keep You From Wealth

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Wealth is a funny thing. Not “ha, ha” funny… but odd, quirky funny. You want it. You spend most of your life in pursuit of it. And yet, for many people, there’s a shame and guilt attached to it. Maybe you feel that way consciously, and maybe it’s buried deep down in your psyche somewhere… but odds are it’s there. If that underlying feeling of not being deserving of wealth, or not being “smart enough” to accumulate wealth is there bubbling under the surface, you’re in for a bumpy journey, my friend. Because all your hard work, all your training,…

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How to Take Your Destiny Into Your Own Hands

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In my line of work, I see a lot of business owners who live under a ton of stress. They have great products and services, but they still aren’t able to enjoy the kind of lives they envisioned when they started their own businesses. For most of them, this is because they don’t have a systematic, consistent process in place to bring in a steady flow of qualified prospects. So one month things are good. They’re busy, and the cash is flowing. The next month, there’s no cash coming in at all, and they’re in a mad dash to find…

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Are You the Reason Your Small Business isn’t growing?

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Let’s face it. We entrepreneurs think we can do it all. At least, we do….until we realize we can’t. If you don’t come to that realization at the right time, you can miss out on a ton of growth. When I was getting started, I did it all. I was the bookkeeper, the marketing guy, the sales guy, the CEO, the HR guy, the executive assistant, the client director…you name it.  Like I said, I did it all. And that’s the way it should be in the beginning.  When you start a small businesses , you don’t have the budget to hire a team…

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We Lost, Because We Lost Sight of Our Niche

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A couple of posts back I shared with you how an old school manufacturing company I was part of catapulted to 4x growth by implementing 3 very specific principles (check out that blog here if you missed it). At the same time AMSL was having so much success, Boa Construction (the original residential home building side of the company) was also exploding.  (if you missed that story, click here). We were firing on all cylinders and tearing up our market. Eager to continue this growth trajectory, we were looking for new ideas.  So, in the midst of this success, we started a…

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3 Principles to Catapult Your Business Success

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In my days working as CFO at Boa Construction, I was part of a lot of cool stuff.  Like I shared with you in the last My Journey blog, we developed a killer differentiator that our competition couldn’t hold a candle to.  (click here if you missed that post) Now, this tool wasn’t the only good thing the company had going for it.  We also had a great group of people that worked very hard, and an owner who was passionate about growth. In addition to Boa, there was something equally impressive happening within our sister company, Architectural Millwork of St….

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Do Mastermind Groups Get REAL Results? (My Experience With One)

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I used to poo-poo mastermind groups. I thought it was little more than a scheme to get people to fork over hard-earned cash in exchange for the right to sit in a room with other fools and share business advice that could be had freely elsewhere. “I’ve gotten this far on my own.  Why not just keep doing the same thing?” And that’s exactly what I planned on doing. Then one day a friend of mine, Adam Kreitman, told me about an online group full of high-level marketers.  When he rattled off a couple of the names…I thought, “wow…those are some…

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Book Recommendation (This might surprise you)

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Running a business can be lonely. If it’s just you, there’s a lot of time spent alone. A lot of time working by yourself. Even if you have a team, it can still be lonely. The decisions are yours to make, and the weight of those decisions are yours to live with. Being in business for yourself is a massive, winding adventure. It’s like being on the open road, all by yourself, to chart a course that you alone are responsible for. But you don’t have to be alone. One of my all time favorite books is a brilliant parallel…

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Find Your Differentiator and Quadruple Your Revenue

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So there I was, a 25-year-old who looked not a day over 17, and all of the sudden I’m the CFO of a 20-year old company.  (If you missed the last step in “My Journey”, click here to get up to speed.) This company was Boa Construction, a company with around 100 employees, doing about $8 million annually.  That’s a daunting job for a nervous newbie, but I was ready for the challenge. And it certainly helped that Boa had some amazing advantages over the competition…which meant more beans for me to count. The Differentiator That Kept Customers Coming Back Most construction…

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Goal Setting: Are You Exercising or Are You Training?

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It’s a mindset shift that’s recently helped me in a lot of areas, and I think it’ll do the same for you. In your business and life…are you exercising or are you TRAINING? There is a big difference. I recently read this article “Why You Should Stop Exercising & Start Training” from Hone Life. The following quote really stood out to me. When you train, you prepare more than just your body.  You anticipate the obstacles you’ll face, the mindset you’ll need, and the feeling of accomplishment you’ll achieve if you perform well.  And therefore you prepare with intensity and…

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How to Embrace Uncertainty: 1 Thing Successful Entrepreneurs Know

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Recently I shared the story of how my dad’s company was forced to shut its doors.  (click here if you missed that post) At the time, it was really devastating to me.  After all, I was planning on working full time in the family business after college graduation, which was now only a semester away!  I had to refocus, and fast. To Find Plan B, I had to Embrace Uncertainty I was majoring in finance because initially I had thought it would be cool to be an equity analyst.  So once my Dad’s construction business was no longer an option, I figured…

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