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Book Recommendation (This might surprise you)

Book Recommendation (This might surprise you)

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Running a business can be lonely.

If it’s just you, there’s a lot of time spent alone. A lot of time working by yourself.

Even if you have a team, it can still be lonely. The decisions are yours to make, and the weight of those decisions are yours to live with.

Being in business for yourself is a massive, winding adventure.

Being in business for yourself is a massive, winding adventure. Share on X

It’s like being on the open road, all by yourself, to chart a course that you alone are responsible for.

But you don’t have to be alone.

One of my all time favorite books is a brilliant parallel for the journey we all go through as business owners.

And it will leave you inspired to play a much bigger game in business and in life.

No, it’s not a business book.

It’s a book about high adventure.

A book about going out alone, being the master of your destiny, finding help along the way, and doing whatever it takes to reach your goals.

The book’s called Into The Wild.

You may have heard of it, or possibly seen the movie.

Either way, I can’t recommend this book enough. Even if you know the story, or have already read it…pick it up again and this time, read it through the lens of your business.

It’s the story of Chris McCandless. A young man that said “no thanks” to the conventional way of living life. Very much like YOU have said “no” and decided that charting your own path in business is the ticket for you.

The story takes him across the country through amazing adventures, and critical turning points…and an ending that might bring tears to your eyes.

You’ll be entertained, inspired and motivated. Maybe you’ll be motivated to get outdoors more and connect with nature.

But I KNOW you will absolutely be inspired to build a bad ass business.

The open road of business is in front of you.

And there are people here to help you. I’d like to be one of them.

For now, pick up a copy of Into The Wild.

It’s a quick read, and you’ll love it.


  • Zoe says:

    Hi Josh,
    I am from China, i wanna buy the Connect, but i cannot find it in Amazon China.
    How can i buy this book in China, does it really worldwide available?
    Your reply would be appreciated!

    • Josh Turner says:

      Hey Zoe, ff you use a link from this site, sometimes Amazon doesn’t do a good job of redirecting to your region’s proper Amazon page. Try going to your Amazon China 1st, and then searching for Connect. Hope that helps!

  • Simon says:

    Hi Josh. Thanks for the recommendation. I have just downloaded the audio version of this and will let you know how it goes.

  • Thanks so much ,i think your can make business owners get onto the right track of working even by themselves developing thus a real evolving lead generation marketing and selling your product.

  • I liked both the book and the movie, but the book has one very special element:

    The author’s own story. That’s what Robin who commented above won’t learn from the Amazon review because the book really isn’t about the guy who died. It’s about the guy who went after the story because he saw the connection between his own near death seeking extreme behaviors in the wild and his subject.

    And it’s not that Chris wasn’t successful. It’s just that he made a critical error that anyone of us could make at any time, even without leaving civilization.

    • Josh Turner says:

      Awesome point Anthony. Layer on that the story of Chris’ family…there’s definitely a lot there!

  • Dana Friesen says:

    Agree with Liz, for us who are into survival and spend periods completely living off the land…the book infuriated me. The freedom part, yes I get it and live it. That said I am typing from a mountain overlooking the ocean in Costa Rica, just back from surfing with my family. Love the adventures life has for us business people 😉

  • Josh says:

    It’s a great movie (not sure about the book… but usually books are better than the movies that they are based on). I can definitely see some parallels between the path of business and the path of the main character in the story.

  • Robin says:

    I just read the synopsis on Amazon and got to the part that says “Four months later, his decomposed body was found by a moose hunter.” So, whatever lessons he learned a) didn’t help him and b) didn’t last very long. I may have to get it just to see how that could inspire my business.

    • Josh Turner says:

      Robin – I think you’ll really enjoy the book, the story, and find a lot of parallels to what you’re going through in your business. (But yes, he died in the end.)

  • Liz says:

    Well… yes, Chris was definitely a pioneer. BUT he went into the wild without all the facts and without speaking to some experts about very real and life threatening issues he might face in rugged wilderness, on his own. I won’t ruin the ending if someone is reading this book but suffice is to say, be humble and ask for help before taking something on that is new and difficult.

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