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Become a LinkedIn All-Star With These 5 Easy Profile Tweaks

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Sure, you have a LinkedIn profile, but is it helping you progress? Is it acting as a sales assistant for your professional life? If not, you are missing the boat! Your LinkedIn profile is an extension of your professional life, and its essential for it to reflect your experience and skills. While you don’t have to spend tons of time perfecting your profile, you do need to offer up valuable information so that the people who view it get an accurate feel of your strengths and expertise. Here are five amazing hacks to achieve All-Star status and make your LinkedIn…

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How to Capture 70-100% of Your Target Market

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If you don’t plant the seeds, you will never see the harvest. Josh Turner here. As CEO here at LinkedSelling, it’s my job to serve our clients and those on my team.  I want everyone to see this year as the greatest year of their professional and personal life. But doing that doesn’t magically happen.  It starts with intention.  Anything you achieve this year, begins with intention. I began this year with the intention to help put a strategy in place that helps business owners to consistently stay in front of their best prospects, reaching 70-100% of their target market….

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Take Your Destiny In Your Own Hands

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In my line of work, I see a lot of business owners who live under a ton of stress. They have great products and services, but they still aren’t able to enjoy the kind of lives they envisioned when they started their own businesses. For most of them, this is because they don’t have a systematic, consistent process in place to bring in a steady flow of qualified prospects. So one month things are good. They’re busy, and the cash is flowing. The next month, there’s no cash coming in at all, and they’re in a mad dash to find…

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Is LinkedIn Fading? Why Some People Believe it’s Dead, and A HUGE Opportunity We’ve Just Uncovered

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Remember when LinkedIn casually strolled onto the social media scene? You’d hear people explain it as, “Like Facebook but without the baby pictures? Like Twitter, but without the profanity.” It was in a league of its own in terms of functionality and sociability and people were pumped. This suave new neighbor was the one and only social media platform created exclusively for professionals – a place for individuals to network and for businesses to grow. Everyone was chomping at the bit to use LinkedIn to target prospects, get clients, build relationships and to connect with fellow professionals who shared the…

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Is it Possible to Create a System For Getting Clients on Autopilot?

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clients on autopilot

The other day one of our followers sent me an interesting question in an email. He asked… Josh –  How do I create a properly systematized platform for the rhythmic acquisition of customers which we can run on autopilot? It’s an excellent question, and one that I get pretty often. Getting clients on autopilot sounds awesome, doesn’t it? But what’s the bottom line? Can you REALLY create a hands-off client acquisition machine – or is it a myth? And if you CAN create one… how do you go about doing it? Watch the video for my “unfiltered” answer to those…

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6 Components of Building a Winning Webinar

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You know that webinars are an amazing source of new leads and clients for those who use them. But when you think of the process of creating one, you might feel overwhelmed with all the details. What’s the right way to construct a webinar? What type of webinar should you hold? How do you get people to show up? What’s the best way to get people to say ‘yes’ during the webinar? What about afterward? It can be intimidating because there are a lot of moving parts. But if you follow the right framework, building a webinar that converts doesn’t have…

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Do Mastermind Groups Get REAL Results? (My Experience With One)

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I used to poo-poo mastermind groups. I thought it was little more than a scheme to get people to fork over hard-earned cash in exchange for the right to sit in a room with other fools and share business advice that could be had freely elsewhere. “I’ve gotten this far on my own.  Why not just keep doing the same thing?” And that’s exactly what I planned on doing. Then one day a friend of mine, Adam Kreitman, told me about an online group full of high-level marketers.  When he rattled off a couple of the names…I thought, “wow…those are some…

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Find Your Differentiator and Quadruple Your Revenue

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So there I was, a 25-year-old who looked not a day over 17, and all of the sudden I’m the CFO of a 20-year old company.  (If you missed the last step in “My Journey”, click here to get up to speed.) This company was Boa Construction, a company with around 100 employees, doing about $8 million annually.  That’s a daunting job for a nervous newbie, but I was ready for the challenge. And it certainly helped that Boa had some amazing advantages over the competition…which meant more beans for me to count. The Differentiator That Kept Customers Coming Back Most construction…

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How to Generate Leads with Scalable Relationship Building

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What’s better? A cold call, or a call with a prospect who “knows, likes and trusts” you? The answer is clear. But it takes developing relationships to move a cold prospect to this stage.  And relationships take time to build, are one-to-one, and can’t be scaled….or can they? I say they can. Relationships CAN be built in a scalable manner, in mass, with people that you barely even know.  (But trust me, they know who you are.) Use Online Communities for Relationship Building So how’s this done?  The way we do it is by building online communities that attract your…

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