The digital marketing and social media appointment setting system for anyone looking for a steady stream of leads, appointments, and new clients.

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So what’s Booked  all about?

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What People Are Saying

Russ Henneberry, Director at


LinkedIn is a mystery to most people — but Josh Turner has it figured out.  Whenever I have a question about anything regarding LinkedIn I turn to Josh.

Ryan Levesque, Founder of Survey Funnel Formula


Working with Josh’s team is a joy. Our customers have been raving about working with Josh and his team, and now in fact WE are working with Josh specifically to help us with our LinkedIn strategy.  Most importantly, his stuff is effective and it works, and that’s why we’re working with him.

What you’ll learn inside Booked

                                                      • Get to know your prospects really well, including what they want and where they’re hanging out online



                                                    • Establish your online leadership platform, which you’ll use to position yourself as someone your prospects know, like, and trust.



                                                    • Build a database of qualified hot prospects using our systematic and FREE approach.



                                                    • Calculate how many new clients you need, what your close rate is, and exactly how many appointments you need to schedule to make the magic happen.



                                                    • Take advantage of the same scripts we use in our own messaging campaigns.



                                                    • Get our system for an email campaign to close more of the prospects you found through social media.

About Josh

Connect, by Josh Turner

Josh Turner has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager.  He is the founder and CEO of LinkedSelling, a LinkedIn marketing agency recognized by many to be one of the leading companies in their space.  His company also operates Linked University, an online training program for LinkedIn marketing and sales resources.

A speaker and thought leader in the areas of entrepreneurship, lead generation, business growth strategies, webinars, and LinkedIn, Josh is also an avid learner and creator. Josh was the CFO of a $23 million construction and manufacturing firm, prior to founding LinkedSelling in 2011.

Since then he has helped thousands of businesses grow via LinkedIn, and now has a team of 14 all based in St. Louis. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with his family and dog Oscar (aka Buddy), plays hockey, is very active in Entrepreneurs Organization, loves camping and backpacking, and building businesses.

What People Are Saying

Daniel Hall, CEO of Daniel Hall Presents


I give my highest recommendation to Josh Turner.  His process for follow up and lead generation is flawless, and doesn’t leave a crumb on the table. And his product is EXCELLENT.  Josh delivers on his promises.

Tom Swip, Founder and CEO of Swip Systems


We’ve been working with Josh for about 2 years. His company has helped us build our LinkedIn group to over 5,000 members online. The members are high quality, engaged professionals that really enjoy the content and information we provide for them. We stand out as the go to expert for our members. We’re currently working on a half a million dollar deal that is a direct result of meeting one member in the group. I directly relate this to the system that Josh’s team has built for us.

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