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A Tool To Help You Grow Your Business

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I want to talk to you about a tool that will help you take your business to the Next Level. I get a lot of questions from people who want to grow their business…but have a hard time with revenue projections and project delegation. These are easy problems to solve… I talk about the solution in this video. Create a 12 Month Planner This tool will allow you to be crystal Clear when it comes to planning your Goals. It will also help you Create a Vision for exactly what your next level will look like. If you want to…

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Take Control of Your Schedule & Grow Your Business

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Are you struggling to find the time to do the work you need to do to… order to move your business forward? Do you find yourself spending too much time doing mundane office stuff? In this video I will show you how to create more time and freedom for yourself…so you can spend more time doing what needs to be done to move the needle. If you want to grow your business you need to be spending more time creating products/services, building content, forecasting, and focusing on your company’s long-term strategy.   The first thing you need to do is prioritize…

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How To Win With A Long-Term Business Strategy

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Are you trying new things and looking for quick wins…and it’s just not happening? You’re not alone because all business owners struggle with these things. Here’s how I successfully dealt with these issues…     I started looking at my business and its goals a little bit differently. I focused on the fact that I am in this for the long haul…and then I strategically planned my company’s goals and vision with this in mind. This allowed me to see that my company had some Amazing things in its future. I made this video to help explain this process. You see,…

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The First Step to Becoming THE Leader in Your Market

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What is preventing you from stepping out in the marketplace and Boldly proclaiming “YES I am a leader in my industry”…What is holding you back from telling people that you are the Authority in your field? The Answer…your Mindset. I made this video because I saw too many business owners pussyfooting around and telling themselves that they were not leaders in their respective fields. It’s time people stopped doing this. They need to shift their Mindset and just go out there and just tell the marketplace that they are the Authority in their market. They need to let everyone know…

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What to Do When Your Idea For an Online Group Has Been Taken

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A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend of mine and he mentioned something I thought was worth sharing with you. He had a great idea for a Facebook group that he thought would really help his business, but he was considering not starting his group because he found that a competitor of his already had a very similar group with tons of followers. So what do you do in that situation? Is the idea “taken?” Did you miss your opportunity? I have some pretty strong opinions about this question, and I share them all in today’s video……

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How to Build a Team Without Losing Income

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build a team

I received an important question recently from Suzanne who asked… How do I make sure my own income doesn’t backslide too much while I build a team? Eventually, you’re going to get to a point where you just can’t continue to do everything yourself in your business. You need help. Having a team is a great way to take some things off your plate so you can focus on growing your business… but what’s the best way to do that without cutting too deep into you own income? Watch today’s video for my answer… It is totally possible to Hire…

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Is it Possible to Create a System For Getting Clients on Autopilot?

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clients on autopilot

The other day one of our followers sent me an interesting question in an email. He asked… Josh –  How do I create a properly systematized platform for the rhythmic acquisition of customers which we can run on autopilot? It’s an excellent question, and one that I get pretty often. Getting clients on autopilot sounds awesome, doesn’t it? But what’s the bottom line? Can you REALLY create a hands-off client acquisition machine – or is it a myth? And if you CAN create one… how do you go about doing it? Watch the video for my “unfiltered” answer to those…

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Best Business Books for Your 2016 Reading List

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Reading is a key feature in the life of every single successful person I’ve ever met. – Mario Batali Continuous learning is the key to success in whatever profession and hobby you choose. It is impossible to be the best, or even get very good at something, if you remain stagnant. I can guarantee your competition will be studying and practicing, so you’d better make it a priority too. At my company, we’ve got a lot of avid readers, myself included. In our free time, we read everything from J.K. Rowling to Gary Vaynerchuck. And lately, we’ve decided to actively…

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6 Components of Building a Winning Webinar

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You know that webinars are an amazing source of new leads and clients for those who use them. But when you think of the process of creating one, you might feel overwhelmed with all the details. What’s the right way to construct a webinar? What type of webinar should you hold? How do you get people to show up? What’s the best way to get people to say ‘yes’ during the webinar? What about afterward? It can be intimidating because there are a lot of moving parts. But if you follow the right framework, building a webinar that converts doesn’t have…

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Get Good at These 2 Crucial Things to Ensure Your Success

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ensure success

As a business owner, the list of things you need to be good at can be intimidating. With all the noise, recommendations, and gurus out there, sometimes it feels like you have to be an expert at everything. If you listen to too many people, you’ll be pulled in so many different directions.  Your to-do list becomes a graveyard where good ideas go to die. Growing a business is as much about determining what NOT to do and what NOT to spend time on, as it is about figuring out what you SHOULD be doing. Right now I have a…

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