What to Do When Your Idea For an Online Group Has Been Taken

What to Do When Your Idea For an Online Group Has Been Taken

What to Do When Your Idea For an Online Group Has Been Taken

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A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend of mine and he mentioned something I thought was worth sharing with you.

He had a great idea for a Facebook group that he thought would really help his business, but he was considering not starting his group because he found that a competitor of his already had a very similar group with tons of followers.

So what do you do in that situation? Is the idea “taken?” Did you miss your opportunity? I have some pretty strong opinions about this question, and I share them all in today’s video…

So the truth is… it doesn’t really matter if your competitor has an online group like the one you want to build. In fact, it doesn’t matter if there are HUNDREDS of groups like the one you want to build.

Keep these things in mind…

1. It’s not your TOPIC that’s going to make you successful. What really matters is that you be you – put your spin on it in your own unique voice, and you’ll create compelling content. Creativity is about remixing ideas that already exist, not about coming up with a brand new idea that no one has ever thought of before.

2. All the followers of all your competitors added together represent a SLIVER of your available market. So what if your competitor has tens of thousands of followers? It could be hundreds of thousands or even millions, and it would still represent a very small portion of your available market.

This advice doesn’t just apply to groups – I encourage you to apply this same thinking to ALL your marketing efforts. Plant your flag, be you, and put your unique spin on it. YOU are what makes your content unique, not your topic.

Give me your take…

Have you ever decided not to move forward because of a situation like this?

Or have you moved forward despite running into this scenario?

Either way, let’s talk about your thoughts & experiences in the comments.


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