How To Win With A Long-Term Business Strategy

How To Win With A Long-Term Business Strategy

How To Win With A Long-Term Business Strategy

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Are you trying new things and looking for quick wins…and it’s just not happening? You’re not alone because all business owners struggle with these things. Here’s how I successfully dealt with these issues…    

I started looking at my business and its goals a little bit differently. I focused on the fact that I am in this for the long haul…and then I strategically planned my company’s goals and vision with this in mind. This allowed me to see that my company had some Amazing things in its future.

I made this video to help explain this process.

You see, there are too many business owners falling into the trap of only focusing on their short-term goals…and quickly becoming frustrated because they aren’t seeing any immediate wins or results.  

Most business owners in the US and Western countries are only playing the short game when it comes to their company’s vision. They are only thinking 30, 90, or maybe 360 days out…but what about 10 years from now?

I understand that it is difficult to envision exactly where your company will be in 10 years…but when you focus on your business’s long-term strategy…you will be able to more effectively prioritize how to approach your company’s strategic decision-making process.

This will help you with hiring the right people, as well as only taking on projects that guarantee your business will have an Amazing Future.

I recognize that this long-term Mindset shift isn’t an easy or simple process.  

Especially if you need new clients right now…just to pay the bills and make sure your company is profitable this year. You feel like that is the only thing that matters.

All business owners deal with this reality…it is what I call the Paradox of Business. Essentially you have to do two things at once…focus on the Short-Term and Long-Term financial goals of your company. It’s a juggling act of sorts.

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners only focus on their short-term projects and investments. And they only give themselves a few weeks to see if their endeavors are successful. If they aren’t….they quit and just keep jumping from one thing to the next.

They simply aren’t giving themselves enough runway to see the fruits of their labor.

In this video, I want to encourage you to stay focused on your company’s long-term strategy, as you are simultaneously doing the shorter-term stuff. Also…don’t quit on the things you are doing, just because the results aren’t immediate.

Play the long game and you will be able to focus on more things over a longer period of time. This will give you much bigger and better results for your business.

Are you good at setting those long-term strategy goals? Share what you’re struggling with in the comments below!


  • Dean Kendall says:

    I could not agree more with your video message.

    I am a Money Sense approved advisor which is a 3rd party endorsement. I have not marketed this and was wondering if you have any ideas how to get this out to the marketplace via Linked IN or any other media.

  • Hey, Josh,

    Thanks so much for this! I help small biz owners scale and grow their companies and we talk about this all time. Also, I have been a student and customer of Linked Selling for several years. But guess what – I am reminded by your words that I, myself, need more long term thinking. For sure! Here I am putting the finishing touches on my new book, “The Four Year Business Exit,” but while watching your vid, I’m thinking, “What about my own 4-10 year plan?!

    I applaud your for being so honest authentic with us while considering what your fried said about the Japanese businesses. It gets us looking inside honestly as well.

  • Steve Garchow says:

    You are so right about business leaders who are too focused on the short-term so they neglect to spend time on long-term strategy. A recent survey shows us the poor the state of strategic decision-making in the corporate world today. Over 50% of the 2400 executives surveyed indicate that their company is not implementing a strategy that will be successful. Think about that, 50%!
    Your message fits in with my focus which is helping companies make better strategic decisions. Now don’t worry, I am not trying to sell you something. But as a member of your group, you have provided me a lot, including your book “Connect,” so I’d like to return the favor. Earlier this year I released my book, “Stratification: how strategic decision processes will create sustainable competitive advantage.” It hasn’t reached the status of your book, but it is an International best-seller. If interested, give me your address and I will send a copy for you. It introduces a process that you can implement by yourself to help guide you through the important strategic choices it looks like you need to make about your business. And if you have questions, feel free to give me a call at (224) 520 – 0506. I’d be happy to talk you through it.

  • Finance to carry the volume of stock required that Im capable of selling ,
    I Sell a top name brand of cleaning equipment and there is a great range within their product range from floor care to pressure washers and Im struggling to know which one to focus on the most as the business is established with the pressure washer side but there is better markup in the floor care and less suppliers to facilitate this cap in the market

    My father before me brought the cleaning equipment into his business back in the early 80 s ,I have now ventured out on my own with it back in may
    I finding it quite difficult as the customer requires support service, to give such requires parts to give a back up service
    Giving a back up service cant be done without caring parts if a customer comes in for service work and you cant fix him up he goes some where else and you never see him back again

    I find myself running around like a rabbit in head lights , looking after customer problems , ordering in stock , trying to keep an eye on service parts in stock , I have good customers and potential leads out there but im not getting available time to look about them , some of these are big name companies Im not sure who you are or where your from so its going to take awhile for you to earn my trust that why im not reveling who my leads are
    Im quite busy here at the moment chasing eta for machines i have already sold and i not sure if ill get much of a chance to get back to you

    I want to take my business well into the future but I cant seem to find the time to allocate it to the right places

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