What is The Future of Social Media?

What is The Future of Social Media?

What is The Future of Social Media?

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A lot of people ask me where I think social media and LinkedIn are going. They want to know what the next hottest thing in social media is going to be.

I get these type of questions all the time. Whether I’m at a conference, on a podcast, or on the phone with clients….people want to know where social media is headed.

If you want to know my opinion on this subject…you can watch my video here.

To be completely honest, my answer is that I don’t care that much.  

I mean if I had my way, LinkedIn would continue to crush it…because it’s been really good for my business, and all of our clients.

But at the end of the day, focusing on where social media is going, or trying to figure out what’s going to be hot down the road doesn’t matter. There are always going to be successful…hungry business owners who are going to figure out new ways to get in front of the right prospects and grow their businesses.

So the latest shiny object doesn’t really matter that much to me.

What’s more important…is your mindset. If you’re in business…what happens down the road with social media really doesn’t matter to you, or your business. If you’re an entrepreneur and Facebook or LinkedIn go away tomorrow…you’ll find another way to get in front of your future clients and grow your business.  

A lot of people ask me about social media, and where it’s going. It’s a fair question. But it’s one that I don’t spend too much time thinking about.

At the end of the day, I’m here to help our clients grow…and there are so many different ways to that.

As long as you have the right mindset, and you are out there getting after it every day. The sky’s really the limit, and it doesn’t matter what happens with social media…because your business is going to keep growing.


  • Great post Josh. Everyone is so concerned with the future that they’re paralyzed in the present. Excellent insight and great perspective. Thank you for your leadership.

  • James Hughes says:

    Great video Josh, you’ve put my mind at rest 🙂

    Interesting what you said about mindset, everything starts with this.

  • Mike says:

    I agree. I think many times, the biggest thing that is forgotten is to have a consistent executable strategy regardless of the delivery method. I believe it’s more important to have repeatable processes in place that can be applied to regardless of the forum.

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